The Cluster Chronicles

There is only self-preservation.

The year is 2026 A.D. Allister Adams faces unusual woes of young adulthood; superhuman powers, amnesia from childhood trauma, an emotionally distant mother and the loss of purpose that comes with being stifled by peers and authorities. In a final effort, the Andromeda Project has approached Allister to see if he qualifies for their group of recruits tasked with locating ancient alien power hidden on Earth. But the Andromeda Project isn't the only organization after it and they aren't the only organization after Allister either. How can Allister decide between who's right, who's wrong and what's necessary? 


The Characters

A cast of dynamic characters with interwoven back stories and exciting futures are featured throughout the series. Meet the first few from The Andromeda Project and download Chapter 1!

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Primrose offers a cinematic mashup of familiar sci-fi elements, including alien DNA, a secret cabal of world leaders, and stones reminiscent of those in the Marvel Comics universe. He also taps into modern smartphone-related anxiety when he says that the removal of Allister’s Cynque watch “felt more like death than it should have.” The action sequences, featuring morally gray characters like Nicolas and Leesa Delemar, are excellent—especially a flashback to the 2014 destruction of Cumberland, Kentucky. Overall, the prose might better match the thrills of the plot with lighter exposition and more moments in which the dialogue stands on its own. Neight’s message about humanity nevertheless resonates, as in the line “You seek only to control and destroy what opposes you.” The stakes rise for an intergalactic sequel. Meticulous worldbuilding and impressive characters admirably launch this new series with a superhuman hero.


”A superbly-written, character-driven adventure that keeps the adrenaline flowing at warp speed! While there are several main characters, the author masterfully keeps their personalities and individual vices and talents in perfect sequence so you never have to question who’s who. Attention-grabbing and action-packed, this visionary sci-fi thriller has just enough twists and turns to keep you hooked and rapidly turning pages to the dramatic ending that leaves you hoping for a sequel! Jason Primrose is an excellent writer who will prove to be a hot contender in the sci-fi/futuristic thriller genre! A Great read!”
“I got a chance to read this as a beta reader, and I loved it. I’m not normally into sci-fi, but this had a very cool blend of dystopian, science fiction, and fantasy elements that made for a great read. The cast of characters was diverse and very well-developed, all of them with interesting backstories. Fantastic worldbuilding, great, fast-paced action, and awesome superpowers. I’m looking forward to the sequel; definitely worth a read!”
“Even if this type of genre is not necessarily your cup of tea, the writing style alone will have you hooked. It manages to be realistic and relatable, while still delving into the world of sci-fi and fantasy. Jason Michael Primrose’s diction takes the slang of everyday millennials and translates it in such a way that every simile and metaphor used paints and creates such a vivid image of what is transcending through every page of the novel.”
“Absolutely loved this book! From the pace, to the alternating points of view, to the character descriptions-I just loved it all! I am usually more of a young adult romance type of girl but this was still extremely enjoyable to me. The writing was so well done I found myself really starting to care for and get drawn in by the characters and their powers.”